winTers GoodBye!! :(


Winters is the season of love,of sorrow,of happiness,of loneliness,of hopes and disappointments its the ultimate season for me…the height of intimacy.I love feeling cold.I like to feel cold in my body and bones..i am all about keeping the layering to minimal in winters because then whats the point if you cant even feel cold?

I like to shake hands with the people and see whether their hands are cold or warm..i like to hold onto peoples cold hands and make them a bit warmer,that’s my way of greeting someone instead of hugging and all…

Its nearly the end of my beloved winters my late night sessions of steaming soups me sitting out in the cold while avoiding sunshine God am gonna miss it…Lets enjoys the weather while it lasts make the most of it because a gone time never comes again




Anyone out there?


Hi there!

Hello from my side…I would like to dedicate this blog to my self. It would be a good feeling to call it mine. i will have it all to my self and believe me in these time’s even a blog is enough. i will blog all about my life, my problems, my experiences, my friends and my foes.

I am new in this blogging thing… I will give it my best shot..

now my introduction…I am girl in 20’s, doing honors in Mass Communication (yeah that is my passion), i have a quite long list of siblings and yeah there is someone who loves me (wink,wink)

soooooo yeah! that’s pretty much about it…looking forward to blogging